by Katy Evans

In inimitable Katy Evans style, this is a romance of the very highest order and one that will leave you not only hot under the collar but with baited breath.

The fifth in the Manwhore series sees Wynn and Cullen get their time in the spotlight and it is most definitely a spotlight that they both share equally.

Cullen had, had his eye on the gorgeous Wynn for a long time but since she was already in a relationship he steered well clear, after all his isn’t known as Playboy on the poker circuit for nothing, it’s not as if he was hurting for company. When he learns that her relationship has ended…it game on and this champion player is all in, because this is the woman that his soul knows is different to all the others, this is the woman that was meant to be by his side, meant to be his, his heart told him so!

I loved that when they picked up on what was initially a bet, it was obvious that they were both circling the truth, both reluctant to accept and acknowledge that there was more to their bet than they initially were willing to share. Feelings were mutual if not always clearly communicated. Losing a bet may have never been more appealing to either of them.

I adore the way that Cullen may have appeared to be every inch the perfection of alpha male, but there was a whole lot more under that perfectly sculpted exterior…he was a glorious specimen of maleness!!! The interaction between the two of them was off the charts hot but it was the emotional connection, the banter and attitude that I felt gave me a clearer picture of who they were underneath, they were the perfect match!

Everyone deserves to be someone’s lucky charm and for this pair they were able to give that to each other, yes, I know they fell long and hard, very very quickly but that didn’t bother me at all, my own relationship took a week to fall into place and for him to move in and over a quarter of a century later we are still married.
Great story, sensational writing, and fab characters…nothing else needed!

Topic: PLAYBOY by Katy Evans

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