Worth Saving by W S Greer

Life has so far dealt Layla a bum deal, between having a father that was never likely to win parent of the year award and a boss that is everything she doesn’t him to be, she is a woman who doesn’t live much, she exists.

The child of an abusive parent, Layla deserved so much more in life but believing that was hard for Layla, she had been beaten down so much her spirit barely flickered anymore. It was as a result of her past that she put up with more than she should have at the hands of her rat of a boss.

Damien Baxter was not a nice man, but that didn’t bother him, and while it worn Layla down, she couldn’t find the strength she needed to walk away.

But could her hero be just around the corner?

Austin Sloan is on leave, he may not want to be on leave but after witnessing the death of a fellow pilot he has been forced to take some long overdue R & R. Conflict changes a man, and while he finds it difficult to see that he has changed, those around him are concerned for his wellbeing.

Layla and Austin run into each other in a bar, cliché I know but who knows where this chance meeting may lead. There is an instant spark of attraction between them but it isn’t until a second encounter that the penny seems to drop.

Austin is sure that there is something between the two of them that deserves to be explored but Layla, she doesn’t make things easy for him.

Layla really did appear to almost have the eight of the word on her shoulders, she just never seemed to have been able to cut a break, her story was tough and I was desperately holding on to the hope that Austin might just be the man to show her what it was like to be happy.

But then again, who was I trying to kid, while Layla had been through the mill, Austin’s horror was more than I could possibly imagine. The magnitude of war, the things that he had seen, the distress that he and those around him had been party too haunted him and I wanted nothing more than to erase those memories for him.

The author took us on an emotionally difficult ride, things were far from easy and were never as clean cut as they should have been but I understood that everything had its place and that everything happened for a reason.

I got the pain that Layla was engulfed by, I understood that she had secrets that she wasn’t yet ready to divulge but we all know that the things that we keep hidden are the things that we know will tear us apart – and Layla is no different.

When her secret worms its way to the light, she is left standing in the tatters of a relationship that while still in its infancy somewhat, had the potential to be the happiness that has always eluded her.

Could they weather the storm, or would they go their separate ways. At this point I had my fingers crossed for them both. I knew whatever they did the journey was not going to be an easy one.

The story wasn’t exactly of the light and fluffy variety, it hit hard and in some respects it needed too, it didn’t gloss over the harsh realities that this pair had experienced but the author did engage tactics which helped to lift the spirts of not just the characters but also me as the reader.

I found the story touching and deeply reflective and I will certainly be looking out for this author again.

Topic: Worth Saving by W S Greer

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