Torn Between Two

by Mia Kayla

There is probably so much that I could say about this book but to be honest I don’t want to, what I want to say is stop reading this and flip on over to whichever supplier you get your books from and BUY THE BOOK!!!

The story is told from Sam’s (Samantha) point of view, and I found that by listening to her I was able to make sense of the situation she was in, I could see why she could be feeling so emotionally torn about what was happening in her life.

I liked Sam, she was the sort of woman you would want as a friend, she was cheeky, a funny, caring woman but was there more to her than she was letting on?  Was her past still dictating her present?

A the title states there are other main players in this story.

Hawke, well there is so much going on with him it is impossible to put it into just a few concise sentences. This cock sure rocker is as manic as you would expect but there is a darn sight more than the crazy world in which he plies his trade to blame for that, the excesses of his industry are just the tip of his own personal hell.

Josh on the other hand wears his issues like an invisible cloak, they weigh heavily on his shoulders every day but this funny, charming man is an expert at keeping his private life for behind closed door.

Can I choose between them, no I can’t say that I can and I don’t think I would want to, so in that respect I fully understand Sam’s plight but can she find a resolution?

There is no getting round the fact that the book finishes on a cliff hanger but with book two in the pipeline, I think I can bide my time!

Topic: Torn Between Two by Mia Kayla

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