by Shayla Black

I want to say that I loved the book, and, in some respects, I did but just not all of it. There were times when Evan was a little too much for me to deal with, he frustrated me at times and although I enjoyed the journey he went on, at times I thought he was more stayed than I wanted him to be, I was screaming at my kindle for him to loosen up a bit and grow up!

Nia was the perfect partner for him, a feisty woman that took no prisoners and wasn’t prepared to settle for any less than she wanted. He had a lot to learn about what made this intriguing woman tick, something that his money couldn’t resolve…but could he allow some much-needed colour into his monochromatic life or was he the man that didn’t see life like that, I hoped not!

A super addition to the series but one that you will need to take your time with to get to know Evan and Nia, they are worth it in the end


Topic: MORE THAN CRAVE YOU by Shayla Black

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