Stone Cold Angel

by Amy Deason

I read this authors first book and thought to myself that she would be an author to watch out for in the future and after reading this her second book, I am even more certain of this because not only is it a great story but the development that the author has shown in her writing skills and character development give a clear indication that this is someone determined to perfect her craft.

From the very beginning, there was nothing I could have possibly don’t to halt the fact that I was falling head over heels for Nikolas. Now I understand that not everyone may feel the same way because emotionally he kept quite a bit of himself hidden but for me that added to his mystery and only made me want to get under his skin even more. I didn’t have to wait long for the author to start to peel back the layers and to allow me in on the fundamental changes that his connection with the glorious Cadence made in his life.

Whilst Cadence was no pushover, she was exactly what and who Nikolas wanted and needed and her personality gave him the strength and opportunity to open up and be the man that he seemed to have buried beneath his harsh exterior.

I can only say that I would strongly suggest giving not just this book but this author a try.

You will find someone who is able to creatively weave her characters into the most enjoyably romantic escapades, who puts just as much effort into secondary characters as those that take up a primary position and she leave just a little in the pot, so that after finishing the final paragraph you will already be looking to when the next book may be available…and I really hope that there is more to come because I want to read more of one particular character (Charlie…please!!!)

Topic: Stone Cold Angel by Amy Deason

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