Beast by L Grubb

If you are looking for a seriously hot man, then Beast is your guy!

L Grubb doesn’t hold back on the sizzle in this, a kick a** book.

MMA superstar Beast has it all going on, he is king of a ring that he never wanted to be in, in the first place. Life inside the ropes was never on his horizon, but now he is there he is determined to make it his own.

Carlotta is far from the norm, she is a tough cookie, a talented tattoo artist in her own right with a desire to master the place that Beast calls home…the ring,

Training to become a fighter is a task that will bring her into direct contact with a man that sets every single nerve on fire. Beast might be a pain in the butt, but he is able to infiltrate her very senses and the battle of wills is simply delicious. Things might be a little slow to ignite between the two of them but once they find their stride it really is a case of standing well back because they went from smoulder to inferno in the blink of an eye and I loved every second of it!

I knew very early on that I was going to absolutely love this book, he ticked all my boxes, he was a bad guy or so it would see, his persona wasn’t really who he was and I loved getting see beneath the surface.

The author also presented one other little gem… or should I say a Gemma. She almost stole the show, I laughed so hard at some of her outbursts, she was such a feisty, funny, sassy mare, glorious!!!!

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