Kings of Mayhem

by Penny Dee

I love an MC book and I desperately wanted to fall head over heels for this but at times I was left a little more confused than I would have liked, I mean in the main I was happy but there were times when I found myself drifting, finding it a tad more complicated than I was willing to try and get my head around.

The dynamic between Cade and Indy was one that had been a lifetime in the making, club brats they had known each other since they were mere children, inseparable as kids it was only natural that they would have feelings for each other, so when she decides to spread her wings and head off to college, leaving the MC behind her, Cade is certain that he is going to be leaving with her but all that is thrown into chaos when she finds him with another woman, and packs up her stuff and takes off and I have to say I didn’t blame her.

Now, Cade wasn’t going to let a little hiccup like the love of his life leaving him from holding him back, and in many respects he sets out to live what I would have to say as the typical life for a guy in an MC, only with Cade there is no half measures and he embraces everything about the club and eventually becomes the club President. To anyone taking a quick look it would appear that he has everything he wants but the truth is that looks can be deceiving because he doesn’t have the one thing, he craves most…Indy.

It takes 12 years before they have to encounter each other again, and as much as Indy is loathed to have anything to do with Cade, she knows that going home after the death of her father will inevitably mean she has to see him. She may have a career as a Doctor and be a clued up and switched on independent woman but that doesn’t mean you forget your first love or the fact that he is the man that broke your heart, no matter how long ago it was.

She hoped to get in and out of town without any angst, but Cade had other ideas and he wasn’t going to rest until he had his opportunity to have his say. I wondered what he thought may ease the pain of what they both had been through because there were secrets to be revealed that once they were out in the open were going to bring heartache with them. Of course, add the expectations of the other club members and Cade’s position as the club President and there was no easy path for the pair of them.

The book was well written and for the most part I found that I was keen to get to the end and see what the author had in store for them.


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