Stanton Unconditional by T L Swan

I adored book one, so was desperate to pick back up in this the second instalment.

The cliff-hanger at the end of book one meant that the angst factor was definitely ramped up in this book.

This is a story that you need to give time to, you need to indulge yourself and let Joshua and Natasha allow you to keep your eye on the comings and goings in their life.

I could have cursed the two of them, they were so pig-headed, they were at sixes and sevens so much that I wanted them to see, that what they had was all they needed.

The book frustrated me at times but as much as I felt cross with the amount of wavering back and forth that was going on, I just couldn’t put the story down.

The other characters are again prevalent in this story and I have to say that I am beginning to really find their stories engaging.

I needed to know what the heck was going on with Natasha, she was struggling somewhat and it was at odds with how I felt she should be although when the reasons became apparent, I have to say that I understood but I still wanted to shake her, just to make sure she knew that running away never solved anything.

So with everything that is happening, the fact that Joshua is still being targeted and Natasha’s frequent break-ins are still happening. I was left with more questions that I know only book three will bring.

What will LA Bring???

Only time will tell

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