On a Tuesday

by Whitney G

A second chance love story that gave me a fabulous first opportunity to sample what Whitney G has to offer.

I liked that the story was brought to life using dual points of view, it always plays well for me when I get hear both voices telling me how and what they are feeling.

The high school reunion gave them the opportunity to see where they had both landed after 7 years apart and as the history was filled in, it didn’t take long for a river of misunderstanding to become blatantly obvious. They gave up on what they had all those years ago, a little too easily from what I could decipher, especially Charlotte in my book but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t have a second bite at the cherry.

I thought the story could have spent a little more time on them, and whilst that may sound odd, I just think that I missed a connection with who they were both as individuals and as a couple.

There was a twist in the story that I didn’t anticipate and that certainly added to my enjoyment, I thought he story was engaging but would have liked a little more depth.


Topic: On a Tuesday by Whitney G

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