Devon Destroyers MC by Kacey Hamford

I adore an MC Storyline and I am always happy when a new club enters the fray.

So the arrival of the Devon Destroyers had me chomping at the bit.

Heather is married to one of the guys in the club but as much her life was, she really was naive to the whole club scenario, but she is about to get a very abrupt introduction because what she didn’t know was what her husband was up too–because it appears that he had pulled the wool over not only her eyes but his brothers in the club and when he is cut down in front of her by the club itself, she is left at their mercy, the only issue she has is the fact that she is pregnant and completely out of options.

Blade is the club enforcer, the man that Heather will come to understand that she needs to accept what he is offering if she wants to keep both herself and her child safe.

But why has he stepped up to the plate and claimed Heather as his, having lost his wife and child, is this his reasoning?

Blade knows that Heather has to work of the debt her husband has left behind but what they expect from her is too much for him. Claiming her as his old lady is the only way he can save her from the other guys and their ways.

But can Heather, accept her role and can they convince the other guys that what they see is what they get?

Playing at being in a relationship is not the best way to start out but it gives the two of them the time they need to get to know each other and it keeps the club wolves at bay.

Blade was a super character, I really took to him almost immediately.

But there is an undercurrent of mistrust, lies and innuendo, the club from President down is playing their cards close to their chests and Heather is at the centre of it all.

I was hooked by the subterfuge, the lies were clouding the whole story and it just made me desperate to find out what the hell was going on.

Had Heather’s husband really been as bad as they made out?

Why was she responsible for his misdemeanours when it was obvious she knew nothing about what he had done?

Why does it seem like the club are determined to have Heather’s baby with them in the club?

I liked the way the situation between Blade and Heather was give and chance to grow, the way he looked out for her and the journey that they both took, not only together but separately. Their journey was realistic, it had its ups and downs but they had an undeniable attraction that they eventually had no choice but to give in too.

But is it all about to come crashing down?

Is the love she was feeling misplaced?

How will she feel when the secrets and lies are revealed and what options does she have now?

The ending…damn!!!