Southern Desire

by Kaylee Ryan

You may need a bowl of ice at your fingertips as you read this because it is a scorcher, Aaron will set the screen of your e-reader alight, because not only has a filthy mouth that he likes to wield like a weapon and he does so with pinpoint accuracy, he is just the most fabulous guy to boot, he will steal your soul ladies.

Whitney is doing what she has to move on and from the very first few pages you will know that this is going to be an emotional journey. But she has to dig deep to get her happy place, the place that she can finally let go but with her past that is a far from easy task and one that will take not only time but patience too.

My heart hurt for Whitney from the absolute get-go but with Aaron, I just knew that she would be in safe hands, and well to be honest if she didn’t want him, as much as I liked her, I am 100% certain that I would have found myself screaming obscenities at her. This was a man you didn’t refuse because when he made his mind up there was no changing it and if he made up his mind that you were “his” then surrender was all that you could do because he meant it and getting with his program was all you needed, this man meant every word he said and Whitney just had to realise that she was more than she imagined and everything that he had dreamed of.

Beautifully written the characters were well defined and the scenarios were crystal clear, there was nothing that the author missed, no slip ups or omissions, she gave them everything they needed and more to fulfil their potential and I think their story could have almost played out before my eyes, it was evocatively descriptive, I could see every character and loved every minute!

Topic: Southern Desire by Kaylee Ryan

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