Wrenched by Emma James

I think Emma James knew that this was a book that was going to hang the reader out to dry and in some respects I got the feeling that in the first chapter she was almost reticent to let everything she had cooped up inside her out.

But once she let her inhibitions go so to speak, this book positively took off.

This is not for those of a nervous disposition – sorry, No I lie, Yes it is – you should read it regardless – I challenge you to challenge yourself!

So what is it all about?

Well told from multiple points of view, this is the story of Whisper a somewhat shy but beautiful woman who has struggled through life and is now finally working with what she has and making her way in the world and Edge, the complete opposite, or so he would like the world to think. Because this gorgeous man has his role as a mean S.O.B down to a fine art but what the world saw and judged him on was not all his sexy alpha ass had to offer, he kept his heart safely tucked away, knowing that keeping it as far away from human contact as possible was the only way he could survive the life that he lived every day.

I was captivated by both Whisper and Edge, the lives they had experienced, the pain that they have both been through in the past was astonishing, I was aghast with the fact that they were both still strong enough to put one foot in front of the other each morning.

But what happens when these two complex characters come into contact with each other, because I couldn’t help but wonder if their paths were predestined to cross.

I was left wondering what the heck was coming next.

There was a wealth of additional characters strewn throughout the book, some of them kept my heart happy, other – well I was ready to rip their throats out!! Emma James you brought out the demon in me!

The story is darker than I had originally anticipated from this author but I have to say that she brought a side of her character to the page that I hadn’t anticipated after reading her previous works but it was something very special – this book is completely encapsulating.