Watching Fireflies by Jaycee Ford

Life sure knew how to trample Jordan’s heart into the ground!

Months away from marrying the man of her dreams and having just completed her masters she should have had the world at her feet but that was not to be her fate. A simple act, one driven by the love she felt for the man she was completely in love with and her world fell apart.

A spur of the moment visit to him and her world collapsed when she found him naked in the shower with another woman.

Turning on her heels to escape the humiliation of what he had done, she wasn’t quite quick enough to escape his grasp, I should have known then that this guy wasn’t just going to disappear quietly!

Nursing a broken heart, she hides herself away, I was sorry for her but angry with her too, she had done nothing to be ashamed of her yet she was letting is behaviour define how she felt about herself. Anyway Ryan (the ex) was a constant pain in the ass, he just wouldn’t let up – really man get over yourself!

So when she eventually shook of some of the same she had shrouded herself in, sucked up her pride and went to stay with her best friend Katherine, I liked Katherine, she was determined to lay it out for Jordan, he pointedly and frankly explained that this was Ryan’s doing not hers and that she had to get on with her own life now – so with a huge dose of reality now in place, the two of them hit the town for a much needed spot of letting their hair down!

But Mr PITA (Pain in the Ass) tracked her down and spoilt her night. Unable to take anymore, she cut loose and left the city and headed for the hills, needing to find some peace and quiet and time to start afresh.

I was whooping by this point, finally she was doing something for herself, something proactive. She ditched the job and took up a teaching position at a local community college in her new home of Blue Ridge Mountains. With nowhere to live she takes a room at the local inn and it doesn’t take long for her to catch the eye of one of the local men, because he certainly gets an eye full of her when he has to fix a leak in her room and catches her in the tub.

Tom was a super character, I really liked him and I loved the fact that he instantly knew that this woman was special to him.

What I didn’t know was whether Jordan would be so receptive and moreover whether Ryan would live up to his crazy ass billing and be back to spoil what they might have?

Jordan had to learn to trust herself and her decisions again, to allow Tom in and to accept that he wasn’t Ryan and wouldn’t hurt her like he had, but it isn’t always that easy.

The connection between them was so strong, they just had circumstance to overcome but learning together was the best part, they both had so much to give it was fabulous to read.

You will love them both, you will despair of Ryan – really the man is a loon! And you will smile at Katherine and hope that somewhere in your life you have a BFF just like her.

A lovely story that gave a second chance at finding a forever love.

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