False Start

by Rebel Farris

I hate …honestly, I do, I really hate leaving a short review, I usually have so much that I want to say that finding a place to stop, take a breath and analysis is difficult but that is not the case with this book.
No, with this I have no choice but to leave a short review but believe me when I say it is for your own good because I could wax lyrical about this for far longer than is politely acceptable!!
Yes, Ladies, it was THAT GOOD!!!
I loved the cover, in fact, it was that and not the blurb that drew me in. The author should be delighted with the book she has produced because for a debut novel, it was superb.
From start to the finish the pace and pattern of the book will have you hooked, the emotional aspect of the read was enough to leave me with a book hangover.
The characterization was complete, there were no rough edges, each character had their place and each of them brought a personality to the page that could not be denied. They were strong, dedicated and delicious.
I especially loved the complexity of Maddie, the fact that I felt as if I could not only laugh but cry alongside her. Of course, there were other female characters in the story and they all had their time in the spotlight but other than Maddie I would have to say that my focus was well and truly trained on the multitude of magnificent men that the author served up… and although I don’t particularly want to single just one of them out as they were all fabulous, I thought Law was a gem!
As part of a duet, it came as no surprise that there was an amazing ending to this installment but darn it…this was just amazing and that ending, it  was sensational!

Have tissues to hand and a pillow to hide behind…you have been warned, you will need both!!

Topic: False Start by Rebel Farris

Date: 25/02/2018

By: Amy Musselman

Subject: Awesome review

I totally agree with your review!!

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