Confessions After Dark

by Kahlen Aymes


In full blown assault mode from the first page this books picks up exactly where Angel After Dark left us.

As we all saw in book one, Alex and Angel both have strong personalities and definite Alpha tendencies but when they come together the result is most definitely beautiful!!!

The defendant in the case that Angel is working on has really begun to get under her skin and as the case begins to fall apart – so does Angel. She won’t let up, everything about the guy has her back up and she is all set to finish him no matter what – just a shame that he has other things in mind. Swanson’s ministrations and threats, lead to Angel making some inherently poor decisions – something that is just not like her.

She begins to doubt herself and that is alien to her.

Angel is conflicted over her feelings for Alex but put the threats from Swanson into the mix and she is struggling to think straight and this at times puts her in direct conflict with Alex even though they are both trying to protect each other.

Alex is so much more than I had expected in this book, he really steps up to the plate and lays his heart out on the line. Swimming against everything he has ever know – Alex is floundering with the intensity of his feelings for Angel, she is his primary concern and that concern is eating into every aspect of his private and business life.

“You’re everything. Do you hear me? Never doubt me. I can’t imagine being without you now.”

He too seems to make what seems like illogical decisions at times but his love for Angel has him consumed, she is the epicentre of his world and regardless of her attempts to pull away from him, he will not give in – he wants her and nothing but her and he is a man that gets what he wants- and more to the point he knows she wants him too.

“You’re the strongest man I know.”

“Not when it comes to you.”

I loved the relationship that has developed between Alex and his brother Cole and hope that we get to read more of his story.

The ending was everything you would have expected from Kahlen and it leaves me counting the days if not the minutes until we get to read their final instalment – cannot wait!!!


Rating 5 out of 5 – fabulous!!!