Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan

I have taken my time trying to decide what to write in this review because to be honest I have had to think long and hard about just to put the content and commitment from the book into words.

If the title alone didn’t give you a heads up on what you would find between the pages then the foreword by Harper herself would have left you in no doubt and I think it is with that in mind that I have taken my time to assimilate my review.

Willow was more than a figment of Harper’s imagination she was an embodiment of part of her own past and keeping that in mind made me more aware of the fact that we are all very similar in many ways, we all experience the ass side of life, no matter how hard we try.

Life had been nothing but cruel to Willow since her mother died. Her step father and sister were completely reprehensible and as for her husband (very soon to be ex-husband) he was beyond cold and in time she would see that he never deserved her or a single one of the tears that she has shed because of him.

Flip the world on its head and shake it a little and you would find the one person that was everything that Willow wasn’t – Kane Masters had the world at his feet, this movie superstar had those around him at his beck and call but he wanted something none of them could give him, he wanted Willow.

A chance and disastrous meeting at her lawyers on the day Willow finalised her divorce, was enough to remind Kane of the first fleeting meeting with Willow many year earlier but it is enough to awaken his senses and to compound his desire to get to know this woman. After a stint filming overseas, he is back and ready to make his move but little did he know that his second encounter with Willow was going to be as equally traumatic as the first.

As if her life wasn’t sliding downhill fast enough, having Kane Masters witness the two most humiliating episodes is the final straw, she has hit rock bottom and with no job and only her besties to keep her sane, she is facing a bleak future- or so she thinks/

Kane is not one to give up when he is faced with a challenge and getting Willow is not just a challenge it is his life mission at the moment. So giving her friend a job on his movie and insisting that Willow travel with her to help may be extreme to many by for him it is the means to an end.

I have to say that when it comes to men getting what they want and doing whatever they want to in order to achieve it – Kane Masters might as well write the book because he certainly doesn’t know the meaning of the word No and his attention to detail knows no bounds. He is tireless, his pursuit is relentless but it is honest and it is the ultimate charm offensive.

He is completely swoon-worthy and impossible not to read with a smile on your face.

I adored Willow, her insecurities were so normal, so real and her internal struggles were voice with both sympathy and determination. I couldn’t help but see a little of me in there and that brought her to life.

But please don’t get me started on Kane because I don’t know that I could stop – he was perfect. The consummate book boyfriend if ever there was a need to put a label on him. And for those of you that have read other works by Harper you will understand how special he is when I say he gives the guys from the Corps Security Series a run for their money!

A journey with a woman that will steal your heart, written by a woman straight from her heart and one that will earn its place in your heart… special!

Topic: Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan

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