Trusting Jordan

by J. N. Lowrey

An engaging read covering what it takes to have loved, to have had to pick yourself back up and to have the bottle to move not just on but up.
Griffin had been through so much that I didn’t know whether he had it in him to even consider stating afresh, it certainly didn’t seem as if he was much interested anyway but there is only one way to get over the heartache that his ex, foisted upon him and at some point he was going to have to let go of the pain and anger that she had put upon him and try at least to start afresh, It wasn’t high on his list of priorities I got that but he deserved better but was that better Jordan…I hoped so.
The dynamic between Griffin and Jordan was great, they were engaging and it didn’t take long for their journey to begin to matter, I was so hoping that she was going to be the woman to show him what it was like to be really loved, the only problem was that he had to allow her close enough, to give her a foothold into his life for her attempts to even make any sense.
I loved Jordan and Griffin together, the story was relevant and thoughtful. It gave a wonderful portrayal of not only what it takes to find that inner strength to find yourself again after heartache but also of what perseverance is needed to fight for your happy ever after.
This was a heart over the head story, one for the true romantic in us all…sometimes you just have to accept and no matter what your head is saying…heart knows best!!!

Topic: Trusting Jordan by J. N. Lowrey

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