by S.L. Hannah


I will keep this short and sweet as there is absolutely no point in beating about the bush…this was superb.

I could bleat on about how I thought that Victoria was quite simply awesome and how much of a shame it was when her and Diego were separated but it doesn’t make much of a difference because without the detail…which I will tell you now that you’re going to have to read for yourself, it would make no sense to you!

I loved that Victoria was bada**, on a one-woman mission that she was not going to be deterred from.

Diego was the guy that was absolutely perfect for her and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get her back…and he just might have too!

With a clever plot that is very carefully constructed, I thought the author left a fabulous trail of not just angst but also attitude throughout the whole book. I bought into the characters and also into their personalities, their plans and their passion.

Super book, very highly recommended


Topic: HARD TRIGGER by S.L. Hannah

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