From the Wreckage

by Melissa Collins


I am now officially all teared out – I have taken stock options in Kleenex and if you need me I can be found rocking in the corner of the room. This is the sort of story that films are made from and I would be first in the queue.

This is the absolute epitome of what it means to love someone, of what having someone hold your heart can do to a person and of being able to release your emotions enough to give that last little piece of you over to someone else, the little bit of you they completes the jigsaw puzzle of their life, that when snapped into place in their heart brings them and you back to life – starts your heart beating and you stop existing and start to truly live. I’m rambling I know but I just adored this book!!!!

Grace and David have been connected since they were children, when he pulled her from her house fire he put her straight in his heart at that very tender age and even though they grew up and went their very different ways, that little piece always remained.

David continued the path that was determined on that day and he is now a sexy assed firefighter and if the uniform doesn’t get you going his handsome face certainly will.

Grace studied hard and has recently completed her teacher training but that all elusive job offer hasn’t materialized yet.

After more than 18 years, the eternity that he has spent rueing the time they have been apart, he is given a glimpse of what they could have when he bumps into her in a local bar. There isn’t a hope in hell that he is going to let her slip through his fingers again…this time it is for keeps!

But Grace is in no rush to get back in the merry go round that is relationships – she has been on that ride before and it is not something that she is keen to repeat but when David needs her help, she is there to help the man that means more to her than she would ever have considered possible.

They slip back into a comfortable relationship and that aspect of the book was fantastic, they were able to build a relationship that was everything not only they but I wanted for them. They had their future in the palm of their hands until events deal them an unwelcome and harsh blow.

Their lives will never be the same again and I don’t think I will either, I was left completely agog at the events and the emotions that the book brought to the fore, the memories of the danger and peril of the men and women who put their lives on the line ever day to protect society.

The author wrote a book that gave me the opportunity to think about its content, to superimpose the feelings that it stirred into my own day to day life and to remember that life is precious. She illuminated not only the fear and trepidation of the events but she made sure to balance all the misery with displays of hope and perseverance.

Life is a struggle so they say and some struggle more than others but when life deals you a lemon – you have to decide to make lemonade or whether to say sod it and crack open the tequila.


Topic: From the Wreckage by Melissa Collins

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