Filthy Dirty Alpha by Grace Morgan

The first book in a brand new series always sort of unsettles me, I never know if I’m getting little more than groundwork for the rest of the series and will be ultimately left disappointed or whether like in this case I will be hooked and wondering when the hell I am going to be able to get my hands on the next book.

The book centres around Carter and Burke, who just happen to own their very own sex club – I mean I know that this is not a new scenario but hell if you don’t fall for this pair then you are reading the wrong material!

The club is under the radar but the patrons get exactly what they are looking for and so do both Carter and Burke. I loved Carter, the fact that he embraced the joy of being a young man with the world at his feet and women at his disposal – and willing women at that, there are few men in his position that would not be welcoming the world with open arms.

Burke on the other hand was harder to get a handle on, he played his cards close to his chest but that did not deter from the fact that he was just as into the club and its clientele as Carter was.

But life for Burke is about to get a whole lot more interesting when prospective club member – Lola turns up for her in person interview – there is something about the woman that has Burke edgy and he is not one to hold back – he makes sure she knows that he is not convinced by whoa dn what she is pretending to be and in the end she is left with little option but to tell him not only who she is but why she is in his club.

Lola is investigating the fact that a woman last seen at the club is now missing – but this sharp reporter has a decision to make when Burke offers her the opportunity to ask all the questions she wants., because despite the fact that a blind man could see the sparks flying between the pair of them – could she really accept his offer of free reign to the club and the patrons in return for spending the next 30 days with him?

Burke on the other hand has plans for this inquisitive reporter and none of them involve her notepad- he likes his women to be submissive and he can spot a reluctant sub at a hundred paces – Lola is just what he wants, she just doesn’t know it yet!

Can this pair both get what they want and need from their arrangement – well it certainly looks like it is heading that way when they fall into a comfortable groove – Lola doing what she needs to get to the bottom of her investigation during the day and Burke taking over her reigns at night. It is an uncomfortable shift from everything she has previously thought she wanted and needed but there is much more left to come in this series and I am fascinated to see where the author intends to take the story in the next book.

A superb start to the series.