All Roads Lead Home by Mary A Wasowski


Damn, this is an emotional read. So be prepared.

Tenley Fairchild has lived through much but she was sure she would never survive the death of her brother Jamie but after 5 years away, she is back and her heart may never be the same again

Tenley may not have been a big city girl all those years ago but she knew she needed more than her small home town could give her.

She applied and was accepted to Yale and despite having to leave everyone she loved behind, she made the decision that she was important enough to follow her dreams and while the town supported her decision, her boyfriend Jagger never thought she would actually leave.

Jagger was the quintessential country boy – big heart and a love of all things Wyoming but losing Tenley was a devastating blow to him. He has never stopped loving her and if she was completely honest the feeling was mutual. He truly was the love of her life.

But years have passed and Tenley is now working in New York, but unbeknown to her small town Wyoming is just about to rock her very steady world.

First it was the phone call asking her to go back home, but she steadfastly refused – not knowing in her heart if she really could face returning.

Then comes the big guns, her friend Wendy rocks up in New York, with a letter from her dead brother, a letter that proves that he knew her better than she knows herself and that sometimes, life works in mysterious ways.

It is during this time that her mind is turned and she knows that she has to go back – Jagger her ex, is in seriously bad shape, following an accident. He is in a coma and she may just be the one that can help.

Now, she can never undo the years they have spent apart but she can begin to piece this very broken man back together – she is the glue that he needs to mend. He hasn’t been the same since the day she left and now she is back, returning to New York may never be on the cards again.

She made the wrong decision all those years ago and now she has the opportunity to repair the damage she had done.

I will say that although Jagger had been distraught following her departure, I actually think she did the right thing. She stood up for herself and put herself and her needs first.

She went out into the world and made something of herself, she also returned a better woman for it and Jagger had to see that she would have never had that strength had she remained in the town.

This is a story of love, lost and rebuilt and I say rebuilt and not re-found or rekindled because I think they really had to start and build/work really hard to forge something for themselves.

A super emotional read that was just perfect for curling up in the chair with the wine and tissues.