Arizona Heat Boxset

by Katie Douglas

1 - Tie Me Down

First in the series and what a way to kick it off.

Alana was living a life that’s he thought she had a handle on, but the truth was she had no idea that the man she loved, the man she thought she could help turn his life around wasn’t interested in her help, he was happy being an ex-con and wanted no part of her improvements. He especially didn’t want any part of the baby she was carrying but she could never have imagined the lengths he would go to be without his responsibilities.  The beating he dished out to her, in her condition with the most nefarious of intensions was beyond brutal.

She quickly hit the road and headed south, determined to outrun the horror of her past but when she stopped, the enormity of what she had been through took its toll and she fainted in the parking lot of the gas station.

Lawson saw what happened and didn’t hesitate to step in, helping her out, doing his very best to not only keep her cool and calm but to also listen to the events that have led her to his car when she offloaded the whole sordid tale.

I liked Lawson, I liked the two of them together, there was enough heat to keep m glued to the page and more than a hint of trepidation, after all will her past rear its ugly head?


2. Make Me Stay

A super quick, super sexy read that was every bit as fantastic as the first in the series.

This is Harper and Barrett’s story and it was wonderfully descriptive. I loved that the author gave me a lot to get myself caught up with, I felt entangled in their lives and that kept me glued to the screen of my kindle.

Harper was a totally free spirit, and she was enjoying life on the road, her way of escaping the expectations of everyone in her life and refusing to live a life that she hasn’t got the heart for, she took off in the VW van and was determined not to look back. But could she leave the past behind her long enough to forge a future?

Bennett enters the affray when Harper unwittingly blocks the entrance to his ranch one evening, let’s just say their initial interaction was eventful!

Barrett may have been a sexy as sin, devilishly handsome domineering cowboy but that didn’t mean that he was prepared for how to deal with the sassy blonde that was on his property. He was determined to make sure that she paid for her transgressions…Harper had other ideas.

I liked that Harper wasn’t a girly girl so to speak, she was willing and able to get her hands dirty when needed, I mean she fixed his truck! But that didn’t mean that everything she did pleased me, because just when it looked like the two of them were going to a crack at being together…she took off. I was frustrated for Barrett, and had my fingers crossed that he was willing to get his butt into gear and get her back to the ranch and that he could make her stay this time…but could he???

 3.Take Me Hard

I love the Arizona Heat Series, and this is yet another of the books that I have to say has totally won me over, I loved Clay!

From the minute Clay literally ran into Kinsley on the highway there was something inexplicable pulling away at the pair of them and the author cleverly allowed the seeds of something more to hatch, ever so slowly!

Kinsley doesn’t know this guy from Adam so he is reticent about what she is willing to share with him and I sort of got why that niggled him but when he decides to take her back to the ranch so that she can recover and rest, I had a feeling this was going to be one of those stories that no matter what your plans are you are not going to be able to put it down…and I was right because I was hooked!

Kinsley wants to go to California to be an actress but there is just something about this older guy that has her totally entranced, little does she know that with him she is going to learn more about herself than she could have ever imagined.

Of course, it isn’t all plain sailing and when she experiences heartache and tries to withdraw from him, he makes certain that she knows that he has no intention of allowing her to go through her pain alone. Little does he know that when the work of it appears to be over…it isn’t eh has the heartache of letting her leave as she is adamant that she belongs in California and that her being with him will just be a burden to him.

Like the dominant man he is Clay took what she was saying on the chin, even going as far as to drive her all the way to Los Angeles himself but when he leaves, he makes sure that she is in no doubt that when they meet again, and that they will meet again, she will be his forever. His resolve was admirable, he was such a strong man and he truly believed that he had to let her go in order to get her back as he wanted but would that be the right call?

Hard to put down, this was a super read, thoroughly enjoyable

4.Leave Me Breathless

Jake Royston still hasn’t recovered from his past with Dylan Pines and in particular the way she left, but now that they are back in each other’s lives, there has to be a level of conciliation somewhere along the line but just how far that might go is up for debate.
Dylan never wanted to leave, especially leaving Jake because she knows that he is the only guy that she has ever felt anything for, but now she has yet another decision to make and it is far from easy to determine which way things are going to go?
The connection between the two of them is clearly evident, it doesn’t seem to have diminished no matter how much time they have spent apart, but that doesn’t mean that it has the legs to pick back up from where they were and flourish into their own version of something more, something that was so sadly lost before.
I enjoyed getting to see more of Jake and his personality, he’s a dark horse so to speak, so much more to this quiet guy that I had anticipated!
There were enough twists and turns to keep the story interesting, but it was the characterization that totally won me over.
This series “Arizona Heat” has been a revelation, I have found it a real grower, each story pulling me deeper and deeper into life on The Lemon Tree Ranch and its inhabitants.


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