by Callie Hart


I wish, truly wish that I could let you take a peek inside my head to see how totally fu**ed up it is after finishing this the latest release from Callie Hart. There is nothing about Dirty that I would ever be able to do justice…the book was phenomenal.

I can’t praise the author enough but yet I feel like I am doing her a disservice, because I shouldn’t have been surprised because this is Callie Hart after all and I have yet to pick up one of her novels and not wonder whether I will survive the ending and in this that was compounded by the fact that I knew going in that this wasn’t a standalone novel and as such I had an inkling that somewhere along the line I was going to have to deal with the fact that this author would rip my heart out and stamp all over it…and boy did she! I sat dumbfounded and numb wondering WTF happened!

I thought that Sera and Felix were so complex that they were absolutely perfect, there was barely an ounce of sanity between them but that is what made them compelling. Together they were a hairsbreadth away from being anarchic but on their own, well that was a totally different story, I couldn’t help but wonder just what brought them to the place they were in now and I have to say that I may have to have a countdown on my phone until the next book arrives in order to satisfy my anxiety.

From the start I had no clue where they were going to end up but I knew that I was going to be left breathless by the end of the book and I am glad to say that at least I got that right because everything else I thought I knew was blown completely out of the water by a plot that held no prisoners and left no stone unturned in the bucket of brilliance that Callie Hart obviously has by her desk.

A fantastic read that will totally captivate you from the minute you open the front cover.

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