by Amie Knight

Totally Fabulous!!
I wasn’t 100% certain about the story from the blurb alone but I shouldn’t have worried because once I got stuck in, I was totally hooked.
The depth of the characterization surprised me, they were so well rounded that in all reality this was so much more than just your run of the mill romance, this was a journey through what it takes to be an adult, the ups and downs that normal life can and does throw at you and how you learn to deal with the unexpected.
Now don’t get me wrong they were no saints, they had their quirks but that is what appealed to me most.
They made me both smile…and cry but I will leave it up to you to find out why?
Emotionally charged this was pitched perfectly, the storyline was fantastic and had my emotions dangling on a string.
Written beautifully, this was an absolute triumph, this is an author that should not be missed, a one-click for definite.
I have no doubt that The Red Zone is likely to be one of my Top 10 reads for the year – how could it not be because it would take something absolutely exceptional to shift it.

Topic: THE RED ZONE by Amie Knight

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