Drew & Fable Forever by Monica Murphy



Drew & Fable Forever - One Week Girlfriend Quartet by Monica Murphy

Book 3.5 of the series - an exciting little novella that brings the story full circle.

Drew Callahan - all round good guy and now Quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers, finally decides he doesn't want to wait any longer and whisks his long timelove Fable McGuire off to get married.

This story is the culmination of their love which has been although unconventional to begin with - completely inspirational. They are devoted to each other and this is brought very much to the fore in this story.

Having been together for years Drew and Fable have been to all intense and purpose a married couple in all but name until now. They have set up home together and have been raising Fable's brother Owen together - Owen idolises Drew and Drew sees Owen as the brother he never had.

Fable's love for Drew is completely unconditional - he is her world and the feeling is completely reciprocated.The wedding is magic - just them the way they want it. Family gets their opportunity to celebrate with them later in the story but this is what they needed to do for them.

Life as as the new guy in the NFL is not easy and life as the new wife of the star quarterback is not quite what Fable had expected but she takes to it like a a duck to water and they become the golden couple - the PR dreams to the marketing team.

That is until Fable wants a baby. Drew has considered children but was in no hurry to share his wife. Little does he know that fate has other ideas.

I found the final few chapters of teh book to be my favourite. The understanding between Fable and Drew when the situatiohn surrounding Fable and the Press emerges and the Flight back to Fable for the birth of their daughter is just brilliant - destiny hand its hand in and it was written beautifully, right down to Owen dealing with his sister in labour - fabulous.

Fable and Drew have been a joy to read about, their story from the beginning has been a journey of discovery and an expression of what it is like to love someone without exception.

Love never gets any better than that.

Rating 4.5 out 5