Roping Your Heart

by Fabiola Francisco

If I said this was an amazing Friends to Lovers romance I would only be telling half the story because this is so much more than just that, it is a romance that gives itself over to everything that finding the person you need to be with should do, yes there are complications , yes there are things that I really would have like to have seen differently but this wasn’t my story, this was Axel and Lia’s story and they had to find their own way to do things and I am sure that as Fabiola wrote the book, their voices were shouting loud and clear as they made sure they were heard.

How do I know this…because I felt it! It seeped through the pages, it was clear and present in each paragraph and by the end of the book they had ensured that I was left feeling replete.

Axel and Lia were childhood friends, the usual story I suppose, life got in the way as growing up does and they drifted apart especially after Lia left town to study. But once she was back in town their friendship was never going to stay at being just roommates, no matter the original intensions. The connection was too strong but that doesn’t mean that bouncing over that line from friends to lovers was one that was easy. Especially when just when you think this sexy as sin cowboy has finally gotten his girl, he pitches a curveball and did just what I was hurling abuse at the screen for him not to do…how the heck was Lia going to deal with him now!!

Could they survive, would she want to? I was chomping at the bit to see where they would end up.

Genuinely they were a fabulous couple. Alex was devoted to Lia, despite his hiccup and Lia loved him without reservation and it was a joy to read. The author made sure that the banter flowed easily and the humour when needed was pitched perfectly. I liked that nothing was rushed and that they had they moments when it felt right, there was no urgency and that was totally engaging.

A small-town romance with a huge heart!


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