No Choice

by Mimi Francis

This is a debut novel from an author that is definitely one to watch.

I thought she was quickly able to draw me into a story that was both engaging and addictive. I liked the way she was able to not only highlight the sensitivities of Olivia’s life but to also allow us to understand the emotional turmoil that she has both been and continues to experience.

Olivia continues to suffer following the loss of her husband, each day a monotonous reminder of how her life is now, a drab existence that has her feeling as if she is trapped in a downwards spiral.

But is all that about to change?

But fate may have other ideas…because in one fateful blink of an eye she meets Nate and there is a flicker of a possibility that not only her life but his may be about to take on a whole new direction.

At first I was confused about how I felt about Nate, I mean he was no choir boy but like Olivia he too had suffered, so perhaps they could find a way to help each other. But I will admit that by the end of the book, I got it and I got him!

I can’t tell you if they did or if they didn’t find their way to where they needed to because I think you really ought to read this for yourself.

If you pick this up then I think you are in for a rare treat because you will find a story that is not only very well written and garners a pace as their path unfolds but one that is also knee deep in mystery and suspense.

Romantic fiction, no matter the setting, is just that…Romantic, so despite the fact that I don’t normally read fiction that is set in the past, this is one I am happy I made an exception for.

Topic: No Choice by Mimi Francis

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