Making it Right by Margaret Madigan and Merissa McCain


I love the opportunity to read novels by authors that I have never read before, so getting two new authors in this book was a delight. Throw in the fact that the book is MMA based and I surrender now!!

The story is a superb tale of taking chances and learning to not only give but find redemption. It was about learning to love and allowing love back into your life when fate gives you the chance to have what you missed out on first time around.

Drew is a fighter – building a name for himself in the MMA world, aiming high with the championship firmly in his sights. But while he is focused on his career in the ring, he is also acutely aware of the fact that life after MMA has to come into consideration and I liked the fact that the authors included this in the story – showing a resolution and a deft touch to reality.

Drew meets Nina, when he is the victim of a crime, and a despicable one at that – his late mother’s effects are stolen, perhaps had they known his profession, it may have been a deterrent but I couldn’t help but initially think that, there might have been more to that train of thought than I was initially aware of.

After all he did have a championship to win. But was I right … well you need to read it to see if I have an over active imagination or not!

But what I do know is that there isn’t a chance that he will let it lie - he is determined to find out who did it.

Nina works at her grandmothers storage facility, not exactly a glamorous career choice but she doesn’t really know what she wants , so for the time being this fills a gap in her day. But when a sexy as sin Drew enters her life, she may just have found something a bit better to get her teeth stuck into.

Nina tries to help him in his quest and between the two of them there is some serious chemistry in the air.

I loved the timid build up that the authors gave to their relationship and that they allowed me as the reader to watch them evolve, it felt realistic and together they had an air of normalcy about them.

There are a number of twists and turns in this book that I just didn’t see coming and some that I thought I saw but that disappeared into a cloud of smoke, when the writers worked their own magic. I love it when a book grabs my attention and ignites my imagination and this did both of those.

I wanted to work out what exactly was going on and what the burglary was all about because the sleuth in me just knew that there was more to it than it initially appeared – I suppose I just wanted Drew to have his justice… But would that be in the court house or in the ring?

Were the events in his life connected and were the threat on Nina’s life enough to get him to back off or would that rile him up even more?

There were so many questions and I LOVED IT!!!!

Topic: Making it Right by Margaret Madigan and Merissa McCain

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Topic: Making it Right by Margaret Madigan and Merissa McCain

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