Wicked Bride Games

by Clarissa Wild

This is by no means the darkest story that I have ever read but when an author clearly displays a content warning then, I am minded to give you another heads up that this might push buttons that you would rather were left well alone.

So please if you have any reservations, take a good look at the warning and make an informed judgement, you are the master or should I say mistress of your reading library and if you are at all unsure then I would suggest you read a few more reviews and get a broader idea of the storyline.

With nothing left to lose Naomi finds herself on the end of a proposition that is just impossible to turn down…but has she all the fact or are their other factors that she should have taken into consideration before signing on the dotted line? Well that is the question? Who in their right mind offers $50million to a complete stranger for just 3 weeks of their time…a headache that’s who?

Max has more money than god I think and a complex that has him believing that he can have and do anything he wants to whoever he wants and I have to say that from the start I had a chip on my shoulder about him, he gave off a vibe that while perfect for his character wasn’t exactly the sort of guy that I could get enthused about.

He knew Naomi was on the hook from the start, she had nothing and he exploited that but he played his cards close to his chest …little does she know that there are some pretty hefty strings attached to this proposition!

Naively Naomi believed that all she had to be was at his beck and call for the next three weeks and she would be wealthier than she could have ever imaged…if only that was the case because Max has brothers and she is not alone in what turns out to be a fight for more than just the money, it’s a fight for survival with the promise of marriage at the end!

I admired Naomi’s determination because even when she found out exactly what the deal entailed, she wasn’t ready to back down, no this tiger had her claws out and was ready for a scrap.

The story was totally insane, the twists and turns were some of the most deliciously devious that I have read in a long time and some of the characters were not the sort that you would want to invite to tea but that’s what gave this the edge, that is what took it to a place that was only ever going to be extraordinary, it was completely bonkers, so left field that it might have been in the next state.

My jaw hit the floor with monotonous regularity as the author piled more and more into the story and my brain battled to make sense of it…not an easy task I can assure you! I was spent much of the time actually trying to figure out what the heck I was reading it was fabulous!

I am sure you will form your own opinion about Max and Naomi but for me it was very much a case of two loons together they were as potty as each other and neither of them seemed to have a cutoff point, a level to which they were willing to call a halt to the insanity, but while they were not only addictive and positively nuts in almost every respect, I was hooked on their story.

Full to the brim with angsty, enigmatic characters there are more than enough mysteries and mischief in the story to keep you guessing for a lifetime, while some of the characters were to my taste, I also found the author had provided more than a few that I was quite willing to heap on the hate pile…really some folk!

Please don’t think you have read anything like this before…believe me YOU HAVEN’T!!!!!!

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