Dirty Talk by SL Scott

Luke may have made his first appearance in Sweet Talk but he comes in to his own in this Dirty Talk, because this guy has the who filthy mouth vibe nailed to a tee!! But he is no one trick pony, because what he is more than able to back up his rhetoric.

Luke has one regret, one that plagues him, the one woman that he can’t get over, the long term girlfriend that slipped through his fingers and that he rues the day he let her go! He knows he screwed up but fixing his mistake may not be easy.

Jane, is just as devastated as Luke about their situation and as hard as she might she can’t shake the way she feels about him but heart and head are so far out of tune when it comes to Luke finding a balance might be an impossible task.

But Fate has a plan for this pair, Jane has been desperate to have her script made into a movie, it is the step that she needs, a move into the bog time but so far she hasn’t had any success but with Luke at the helm she may just have the chance she has been dreaming of.

There was so much going on just beneath the surface that I found the story absolutely captivating, there wasn’t a paragraph that could be glanced over. They had so much to overcome not just professionally but personally that I wasn’t actually sure that they would able to reach a happy ever after on either front.

Jane knew that this was a chance to exorcise the ghost of how she feels about Luke, while Luke sees this as his opportunity to win back the woman that he loves at all costs.

Can they find their safe haven? Can they find a way back to each other?

Topic: Dirty Talk by SL Scott

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