Ironic by Harper Miller

This may be a quick read but it will stay with you long after, because ladies – we all want a friend like Mimi Montgomery.

This pretty, successful and ballsy woman knows what she likes and she is not shy about making the moves necessary to ensure she gets it. Her delectations may be noted by some to be on the adventurous if not completely embedded in the kinkier end of the spectrum but I have to say that while this book is hot and steamy it is well within the boundaries of what many who enjoy this genre would acceptable.

Venturing into a relationship that is initially formed online, she is brought into contact with a man that I have to say is longing for much the same as she is.

She does not look for him to bring out the best in her – she is already capable of doing that herself – she needs no man to empower her – when she meets Aden, they are ready to explore their limits together.

This was a book that is difficult not to like, it gave me a strong, warm, funny female to revel in and a man that was not scared to enter into a relationship with a woman that knew exactly what she wanted and was not prepared to just cow tail to his demands, no matter how enticing.

I fell fully for Mimi, she was juts fabulous and I was left gobsmacked when the ending finally arrived because I have to say that I thought the author nailed it.