by J.C. Valentine

So, if you are looking for a battle of wills, then you have picked up the right book because this has so much attitude packed into its pages that I am glad to say that I found it totally engaging.

Ginger was everything I expected, a powerhouse of a woman that had a path that she was ready to tread on her own to her own beat. But all that gets thrown into complete turmoil when one certain VP decides to make sure that she is well an truly out of reach of any of the other guys in the club.

While Repo isn’t an bad guy but that doesn’t mean he is a good guy either, but he definitely is a man that doesn’t take no for an answer, in his mind he has waited long enough. Having been unusually patient for him waiting until her divorce was finalised, he is darn sure that he isn’t going to let this spitfire slip through his fingers, quite the opposite…he intends to keep a firm grip on the woman he has is ready to claim as his own.

The tug of war between the two of them was entertaining to say the least, it was a total clash of wills but from the very outset it was as clear as the nose on her face that Ginger was meant for one man and try as she might to deny not only him but herself…I had no doubt where their sparring was going to end up.

What I liked was the twist that the author threw into the connection between the two of them, it was Ginger that was content to keep things casual between the two of them, Repo was all set o go all in from the outset, but he was left playing a strategic game of patience that on occasion I wasn’t sure that he had enough of!

But as silly as this may sound he played his open hand, very close to his chest and waited until she found her own way round to his way of thinking.

Give Repo the opportunity to show you his mettle and I am sure you will be blown away, this was a passionate story that dished out everything I expected and then some.

Deliciously passionate, this was just what I wanted and left me looking for more!

Topic: VIGOR by J.C. Valentine

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