Bad Business

by Nicole Edwards

You don’t have to be a fan of football to like this book, what you need to be is savvy enough to realise that Nicole Edwards quite simply cannot write a bad book, because I thought Bad Business was a great read.
The second book in the series, this is the story of three-time Super Bowl Champion Jason Stone.
Back in town to take up his new position with the Wranglers, Jason is no slouch either on or off the field despite the fact he is getting ready to hang up his boots. With retirement looming, he is ready to set down roots and the pull of his hometown was just too strong.
I liked Jason, yes, he was as sexy as sin and despite the title of the book he wasn’t a bad guy at all, I actually thought he was a bit of a sweetie, although I am sure he would hate to hear that said.
With everything he wants in life at his fingertips, the only thing he is missing is a woman by his side to share it …but after catching a quick glimpse of someone interesting across a crowded room while celebrating a game, it doesn’t take long for the charm to kick in , it was just a shame that after a night that he would have quite readily have repeated…he wakes up to find her gone????
The woman in question was the beautiful Savannah Andrews and her history with the Wranglers is ingrained, she’s been immersed in it from birth…her father being the owner and all that but despite the connection, she has always steered clear of the players. Assuring herself that most of them have a reputation for a good reason…but was she unfairly tarring them all with the same brush?
Well, maybe she was but it all fell apart when she broke her own rules when she saw Jason at the club that night, because while she may have been sure that she would be able to walk away in the morning and nothing would change, it didn’t take long for her to learn that what she thought she was going to and what she actually would end up doing weren’t even on the same page…not by a long shot!
The relationship that ensued wasn’t exactly easy, and whilst I thought at times they made it a tad more complicated than it needed to be, I couldn’t deny that as the story unfolded they both had their own reasons for behaving the way they did. Working together was always going to muddy the way they both felt and since neither of them had the ability to turn their feelings off completely, they soon had to get with the program because staying apart was proving harder than it should have.
As always, the book is beautifully written, Ms Edwards made sure that it was every bit as sexy as I anticipated. The story and characters oozed charm, there was an easy pace about the story, it drew its own pattern and I quickly found a flow that encouraged the fact that this was difficult to put down.
A fantastic addition to the series and I am already looking forward to the next book

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