Saving Abel by Gina Whitney

Abel Gunner is just the type of man that your mother warned you to stay away from – but did you listen – hell no! Guys like Abel have their own gravitational pull and fighting to keep a safe distance is futile.

Living life to his own tune – quite literally, he is the lead singer with the band Lethal Abel and never has a name been more apt.

The term broody, doesn’t do him justice – he oozes everything that the quintessential bad boy is expected to exude – charismatic to the extreme, his body art and piercings are tools of his trade and his trade is pleasure in all its guises. A Dom by nature – little, if anything is off the table when it comes to the needs of Able Gunner.

Living to the beat of your own drum is perfect until something or in Abel’s case – someone upsets your rhythm.  Enter into the fray Gia – his feisty temptation.

Sensing that she may just be what he needs, Abel is drawn to her in such a way that he simply cannot control himself. She sets every part of his life alight and ticks every box.

Gia is more than she appears on the surface, looking very inch the put together woman but looks can be deceiving and beneath the surface she is a broken woman and desperately trying to escape the control of what can only be described as her demonic mother. Trying to do the right thing is easy but when your past puts you on a collision course with what you hope may be your future – you know that you are thoroughly screwed.

Gia has always been a means to an end for her mother and not content to let her live her own life, she is determined to make Gia provide the life that she aspires to and that means Abel is firmly in her sights. One small fly in that ointment is the fact that Gia genuinely cares for Abel and is determined to keep her mother and her mother plans at bay – unfortunately with the help of Abel’s ex sub Morgana – spiteful bitch! She is fighting a losing battle but I hope that the war to win Abel has only just begun.

Abel was a revelation the further the book went , he showed that you should never judge a book by its cover, because under all those and I do mean all those magnificent tattoo’s was a generous, loving man who showered Gia with time, love and affection. You could see that he was changing and that in his way he was beginning to fall for her. He really had been painted as the black sheep but he was beginning to let her see the real man.

I want to see Gia show her true colours and come out fighting for her man. I want to see Morgana get her comeuppance and for Gia’s mother to hopefully die a slow, lonely, penniless death (harsh-well!!)– Some people just me so angry!

People who didn’t make me angry were the rest of the band, they were hysterical and as for Gia’s mate Cindy – well she was just fabulous – I can’t wait to get more from her.

Rating 4 out of 5