by Carly Phillips

There was a lot to like about this book, in fact much of it pushed every positive button that I have, so let’s deal with that first.

Well let’s just say that despite his very apt nickname “ Switzerland” I actually really liked him, he was happy in his own skin, never really bothering to take much of a stand or get involved in anything that wasn’t entirely necessary but when the unexpected was front and centre in his life, he didn’t take long to get off the fence and nail his colours to the mast – Emily Stevens was worth this seismic shift in motivation because from virtually the first second he knew one thing for sure…he had found the one thing in life he was never going to accept living without, he wanted her right now!

Emily liked Parker, much like him she had that feeling from the outset but having been in a relationship that was everything you don’t want in your life, she isn’t exactly looking to leap back into the dating game, especially not someone as switched on and worldly as Parker…just how long could she hold that thought? I didn’t think it was going to take long.

But my niggle was it didn’t take long enough!

Things move too fast, not all the time but just at the moments when I was expecting Emily to put the brakes on things, she seemed to leave all her inhibitions behind and dive straight in. 

I suppose I am being super critical and it probably isn’t warranted but it was just how I felt at the time, I felt that her ex was dealt with too swiftly, and that despite how fabulous Emily and Parker were together, they could have been more. I wanted to see more of the way their connection was lit from the inside, how their souls spoke to each other and how they worked to get a happy ever after.

A nice read that certainly piqued my interest in the rest of the series, and some secondary characters that I will be searching out asap…just let me say the name Ethan and leave it at that!!


Topic: TAKE ME DOWN by Carly Phillips

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