Knights Fury

by Bella Jewel

This is Finn’s story and whilst it is safe to say that he certainly has a story to tell, I have to admit that at times I wasn’t sure that I particularly wanted to hear from him, he was an out and out a**, I got that he was a product of his past and that yes, it was commendable that he was well aware of his shortcomings and refused to lead any of his many, and I do mean many conquests on. But that doesn’t mean that he was anything other than a manw**re, he was happy with his revolving door of women, convinced that he was anything but boyfriend material…right up until he met Erin because after their initial connection, he was emotionally reeling, finding it confusing as to why this woman was having such a profound effect on him…but could this leopard change is spots? He was certainly willing to try.

I liked that we saw a different side to Finn as the book progressed, one that had me rethinking my initial reaction and coming to terms with the fact that he wasn’t actually that bad. He had a sensitivity that he has kept well-hidden for far too long and once that came out, he was willing to show a whole new Finn to the work and like Erin I was slowly won over.

Erin made Finn work for her affections, she was more than capable of putting him in his place and ensuring that he knew that she didn’t need him, she might want him but that didn’t mean on any terms, she was a feisty one and that meant that she was more than capable of being just the right woman to keep the likes of Finn on his toes…top woman!

With just enough angst and attitude to keep the story interesting, this flowed beautifully and had a pace that was suitably enticing. As a reader I found this an easy read, it was well paced, and the characters were thoroughly engaging without being complicated.

A solid 4 star read


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