A Problematic Love by Rebecca Rohman

I sit amazed by what I have just finished, this book is one that is absolutely top notch. It leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of absolute excellence and the author is to be commended in the fact that she settled for nothing less than perfection.

Megan might have been left bereft and reeling bringing up her son alone after the loss of her fiancé but with a small person to look after she is quick to draw on her inherent strength and the love and support of her family to get her through, but I really felt for her because she didn’t really have the time to completely grieve.

Daemon on the other hand is a man that has the world at his fingertips but at what cost?

He has more money that he could spend in a dozen lifetimes but his life is a lonely one, he is the antithesis of that old saying no man is an island, because as far as he is concerned, that is exactly what he is, he keeps everyone at a safe distance, protecting what is left of a heart that saw no love growing up and now refuses to accept any.

The price of love is a price that all his money cannot buy him, it would mean him letting someone in, someone getting to see beneath the sharp exterior and the ability to do that might just not remain in Daemons repertoire.

Now, you know who the players are in the book, but that is about all that is straight forward. The author does an amazing job of guiding the story through the most unconventional of paths. The twists and turn that take place will have your brain ricocheting back and forth. From the minute Megan moved to Seattle, the lies and betrayal just seems to keep on coming.

The story had everything bar the kitchen sink, it had love, hate and attitude. It had pain and laughter, it left me both smiling and crying in equal measure and all the while leaving me breathless with the depth of its story and the precision with which that story was delivered.

A book of immeasurable depth by an author that has what I can only describe as an immeasurable talent.

Topic: A Problematic Love by Rebecca Rohman

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