by Faith Starr

With each and every book this series has improved immeasurably and with this book three, it is in my opinion the best yet.

Mitch has always run the club with his brothers Noah and Derek, well that was the case, now that they are settled down and taking the helm of the family’s other business Mitch is left exclusively in charge of Hilltops and with a lot to prove, can this jack the lad show his sceptical family that he is ready to grow up and be a proper adult!

I liked Mitch he was a kid at heart, happy when he was doing what he loved but now I liked the fact that he was ready to step up and be “the man” but would all work and no play make Mitch a very unhappy man? You betcha!

Allie has had a thing for Mitch for longer than she would care to admit but with connections through friends, she has always kept him at arm’s length but would this new Mitch push all her buttons and force her to make her move?

Thankfully it didn’t come to that because once it becomes blatantly obvious that the way she feels is totally reciprocated…well all bets are off (and the clothing isn’t far behind!)  Would they be able to make it work, would Mitch allow himself a little fun and a break from the routine?

As expected the author uses clever tactics to ensure that this is a story that you can’t tear away from. It is peppered with humour, it is more than capable of spontaneously combusting your kindle and it will definitely have you wondering just when the next book by this very talented author is going to be available because if you are anything like me you will be hooked.

Topic: Diversity by Faith Starr

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