Dangerous Dance

by Paty Jager

I enjoyed many things about this book, not least the details that the author gave me with regards to Native American Culture. The author packed the story with the most vivid descriptions, ensuring that I as the reader was able to feel everything she needed me too. She drew the pictures that my mind was able to colour in, to make sure that I was able to appreciate everything she had intended me too.
This was so much more than just a romance; the mystery was just as important and with a devious mind I applaud the author for her ability to ensure that the culprit wasn’t revealed too early!
I found the flow was pacey but detailed and as you would expect there were more than a few twists and turns, nothing was quite what it appeared to be.
I was happy that Shandra and Ryan got their happy ever after but boy what a journey they had to undertake to get there!
But boy was it one heck of a ride!

Topic: Dangerous Dance by Paty Jager

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