by Jade Chandler


For a debut novel I would have to say that the author did herself a dis-service by labelling this a dark romance, I didn’t think it was that far entrenched on the dark side. Yes, it touched on a couple of subjects that were far from mainstream and for some may be a trigger but I thought she handled them well.

So while the book and its characters might not be lily while they are not all darkness and foreboding either.

Lila, has been used and abused for much of her life and reading her history was not pleasant, so please if domestic and/or physical abuse are trigger items for you, you may want to lay this one down. I was in two minds about her because while I could feel sorry for what she had been through I couldn’t help but think on the woman she was now, she just seemed to take it all in her stride and I didn’t want her too, I wanted her anger and indignation, I wanted her to grab life by the scruff of the neck and kick its butt…but she just seemed too nice, every time she was knocked back down she just dusted herself off and moved on. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t want her to be a bitch, I loved her personality, I just wanted her to want more for herself, she was better than most.

The complete opposite for Lila is Dare, because when it comes to taking life by the horns, this guy holds nothing back, he is as bada$$ as a biker is supposed to be and as you would expect 100% committed to no-one but his club and the brothers that stood by him there. I liked the brooding menace that seemed to follow him, the fact that he was a little naughty and deliciously hot! And what I noticed, you betcha butt that Lila noticed too, and with neither of them looking to hook up anytime soon, I was chuckling at the thought of who was going to cave first because the feeling as most definitely mutual.

The connection between the two of them was intense and I think the author was right presenting the story from both of their points of view, it gave them both the opportunity to exorcize their opinions, good or bad, and I loved hearing from them. I would have liked a little more from him but at least what we did get was worth having, I suppose he only spoken when he had too!

Lila was so in tune with Dare that it was impossible that they would not have ended up together they just clicked but the depth of feeling that he had for her was what really blew me away.

Oh and BTW don’t be surprised if you need tissues by the end!

Topic: Enough by Jade Chandler

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