Missy's Moment by Jill Sanders


Book Four in the West Series, brings us face to face with Reece West, cousin to Lauren, Alex and Haley and what a handsome face it is!

Reece spent many of his most memorable days with his cousins in Fairfax at their ranch, anything was better than the suffering and abuse that both he and his bother Ryan  endured at the hands of his drunken father while he was growing up.

And now years later, we learn that his father has now passed away, Ryan has moved on to god knows where and Reece is searching for somewhere to call home. Somewhere to belong and his happy memories of Fairfax have him tentatively considering hanging his hat in the town and placing his roots firmly in Fairfax.

Things take a turn for the better when following a slight mishap on the ranch, Reece ends up at the local doctors and he has to reconsider his decision to leave relationships out of the picture too because the pretty practise nurse has certainly caught his eye.

Melissa Holton is not backwards about coming forward and when one sexy assed cowboy ends up on her treatment table, her heart starts to beat a little faster.

How he feels is not the only opinion on the table now because when this feisty little nurse gets her head around the way Reece makes her feel, she makes it perfectly clear that she is ready to round up this particular cowboy all on her own!

I loved the fact that Reece has a phobia of blood – it made him a little vulnerable and “normal” not all alpha male! I adored the fact that Missy was independent and strong and together they were just delightful.

She had her head in the game and was prepared to do what it took to make her man happy.

I cannot wait to see how the situation with Reece’s brother Ryan turns out in book Six

The book was short and to the point, not to say the character development was missing because it wasn’t but I got a niggly feeling that I was missing out on the element of the build-up.

They seemed to cut to the chase fairly swiftly and from then the book practically hurtled towards its conclusion. I suppose I just missed more detail, I wanted more of their story and it all wrapped up a little too quickly for me.