Maybe Don't Wanna

by Lani Lynn Vale

The difficulty I have is that I am a huge fan of Ms Vale’s work and with each and every book I start to run out of superlatives to describe her magnificence and whilst I totally loved the characters in this book, I was looking for a little more in the other bits of the story that went along with their journey. Ms Vale is superb at the angst that I love in a storyline and for me, this just seemed a little safe.

Parker isn’t a straight forward guy by any stretch of the imagination, but there is good cause for his complexity, he has suffered so much and believe me when I say that you would have to be totally soulless if you manage to get through the first chapter dried eyed, I didn’t know that the tears were falling until they splashed across the screen of my kindle.

A man that lives a simple life, alone and at first glance it appears he is happy with that, he protects himself with a surly, demeanour but is that the real man or is that the shell that he has grown in order to protect himself from any more heartache? Aware of everything around him and the impact that, that does or could have on his life, he is wary of everything and everyone…until the whirlwind that is Kayla brew his world apart.

I couldn’t help but wonder whether there was some sort of attention deficit disorder going on with Kayla, she bounced from one thing to another with a ferocity that made my head spin, I adored the fact that’s he had absolutely no mouth to brain filter and that most of the time it was the little things in life that had her enthralled. But somehow, she was able to bring out a side of Parker that I don’t know that he even knew he had. Perhaps in a way the fact that they had both lost loved ones was the tie that bound their souls.

The connection between them sort of made sense to me and I didn’t worry about the age gap between the two of them at all, in fact I think it sort of made sense, it helped what and who they were fall into place, well for me it did anyway.

Oh, and just you wait until you get to “the letter” if you were crying at the start…that will nail you’re a**

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