Knox Volume 4 by Cassia Leo

Knox Volume 4 by Cassia Leo

This the concluding installment of this fast paced short series – lived up to my expectations in almost every way – except one – I found the section when Knox found Rebecca again following her kidnapping was handled a little abruptly for me – I think I was looking for more detail. How much more could have been give I don’t know because I’m only the reader but I know that I was looking for something because I had to flick back to see if I had missed a bit.

The end of Part 3 left us dangling, with expectation, many of which are answered quite quickly in Volume 4.

Determined to find Rebecca, Knox stops at nothing track her down but eventually it is almost a fluke that he happens to be in the right place at the right time. Without divulging too many details – let’s just say that it gallops along at a pace and those that deserve their comeuppance well and truly get it.

Knox covers all the bases when it comes to being a controlling, domineering man but he has a soft side that is lovely too see. He is devoted to Rebecca and we see in part of the story the type of relationship he had with John, and again that is a pleasure to read.

Rebecca has everything she wants with Knox, and in the epilogue we get to glance into their life years down the line. It suited them perfectly and rounded the story off just as I would have hoped.

Overall, this has been a sharp, perfectly written guide through what one man was prepared to do in order to exact revenge but most of all what he was prepared to do in order to get and keep the woman her loved – perfect

Rating 5 out of 5