Last Chance

by Erika Wilde

I read this straight off the back of finishing the second book and I think that might have been a mistake because while I enjoyed this, please don’t get me wrong this is a terrific book, I think I was still emotionally caught up in the previous story, so I think that meant it took me longer to connect with Chase and Valerie.

I liked the fact that the couples from the last story were in this book too but once I got into the story what I totally fell for was the fact that Valerie was psychic. I was hooked on the fact that she had been dreaming of her perfect man …was she all she was meant to be? Was her the man of her dreams really on her horizon?

Well, when she is teamed up with Chase a fellow psychic, in a bid to track down the remainder of the infamous Al Capones walking stick for the owner of the Onyx Hotel I think she was about to find out!

The quest they set out on was one that took them all over the country and that brought an exciting edge to the story, not everything was smooth sailing as you would imagine and as their time together progressed I was enchanted by the way their abilities impacted on the way they reached to each other.

This was a pair that had everything they could have ever wanted literally at their fingertip!

Topic: Last Chance by Erika Wilde

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