Under Pressure

by Kelly Moran

Well I am always happy to open the pages of another story that drops me straight back into Redwood Ridge, because the author seems to know just how to hold my attention with characters that are very easy to fall for.

Maddie and Parker were that couple, they both had so much going on and I was delighted that the author really didn’t skimp on the characterisation.

Maddie wasn’t exactly the nicest of kids when she was growing up, and you get the opportunity to see that much of that behaviour was as a result of the fact that her own life was thoroughly miserable – so she deflected that misery onto others – but now as an adult she is feeling the wrath of those that she wronged and she is the outsider in her own town, shunned and slighted by those that she not only tormented but also by those that were affected by the crimes of her father.

I never considered that Parker, the town sheriff would be the guy for her, and I don’t think he did either but once he got to know her and her walls started to crumble, I have to say they were perfect for each other. She was keen to show him that she was nothing like the kids she had been, but they had a lot to contend with and it was never going to be easy…after all there were those in the town that were far from happy to let sleeping dogs lie.

Could they survive the gossipmongers and find a way to be happy – that my friends you will need to read for yourselves but let’s just say …you will have fun finding it out!


Topic: Under Pressure by Kelly Moran

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