by JB Morgan

I finished this and all I could think was Aww!!! A totally sweet read with characters that I couldn’t help but all in love with, although I have to admit to a genuine soft spot for a cowboy in a storyline.

So who is the story about? Well Charlie was the typical girl next door, a solid family loving young woman that was happy at the back of the crowd so to speak, a little bit of a shy girl, little did she know that one visit to the bar with her friends would change all that because from the second Nate laid eyes on her as she traipsed across the bar with her friends, everything he thought he wanted in his life suddenly took a step to the left…making room for a certain little lady that had more than piqued his interest.

Nate was a fantastic character, one that lived for his job as a cowboy, his dirt bikes and the commitment free relationships and with a past like his I wasn’t surprised but straight off the bat he wanted Charlie, but could he will her over or would she wonder what the heck was going on a run a mile? I could almost hear the cogs whirring in her brain trying to decipher why a guy that could have anyone he wanted was interested in her but she sold herself short, she was a pretty girl with a heart of gold…why on earth wouldn’t he be interested in her! I was whooping when she eventually got with the program and gave him a shot, I just had to keep my fingers crossed that the chance he had was enough.

Their relationship wasn’t exactly choppy but it was eventful, I liked most of the secondary characters (especially Holt) but some of them well let’s just say I will leave you to make up your own mind about them but I was reading to throttle them! I loved the connection that I got to the pair of them as I watched their relationship develop, their first date made by soul smile and the way that Nate opened up to Charlie about his past was beautiful, she was able to show him that the past can be left behind and that his future was what he wanted it to be.

And Ladies…. just you wait till you get to that ending….it is PERFECT!!!!


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