Fight For Her

by Vanessa Vale

The key to this little beauty was the pace that the author was able to impart not only into the flow of the story but the relationship. This wasn’t just a relationship between Emory and Grayson, nope as a reader I felt completely included, I was invested from the outset and because of that I was relieved that this was a novella because anything more and I would have been struggling to function until it was finished.

So Emory is in her late thirties, divorced with a college age son, recovering from the pain that her divorce inflicted, she is resilient and resolute that no-one will ever have the opportunity to hurt her like that again and as such she is very much happy in not only her own skin but her own company, I wouldn’t class her as the perfect wall flower but she really didn’t like be in the limelight and was much happier people watching from the peripheries. So it will come as no surprise that when we are first introduced she is completely adrift at her friends engagement party and feeling more than a little vulnerable, if she could have blended into the wallpaper I think she would have been a much happier camper but life gives you what you need when you least expect it and in Emory’s case, fate had finally gotten around to her and despite her surreptitious attempt to disappear into the background, she had been noticed and not in a way that was particularly welcome.

Her fervent admirer was soon dispatched when Grayson Green entered the fray because he could see her discomfort and from the second he stepped into her space, the air between the two of them seemed to be sucked into some sort of void, the heat between the two of them was instantaneous and I was dying to see where it was heading…the bedroom would have been a great start!

Emory appealed to Grayson in the most basic of levels, yep this ex MMA fighter is used to getting what he wants when he wants it and not really having to put in too much work, unless he really wants to and for Emory he definitely wants too. He feels a guttural need to prove to her that he is everything she needs, that she can trust him not only to love her and never hurt her but that what they have is more than a fleeting affair…much to his own surprise!

But not everything is smooth sailing and demons appear, putting Emory and in turn Grayson at risk, He was willing to risk everything he had to, to save her but the question was…Could he? And at what cost?

A creative quick read that totally swept me up in its fabulousness

Topic: Fight For Her by Vanessa Vale

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