by Coco Cadence


This is a subject matter that has exploded in the last year and there have been a plethora of likeminded titles that have hit the kindle all bidding for attention.

Well this is one that you should push to the top of your TBR pile, it is a great read.

The story undulates between the past and the present and manages to give much need history to the main characters. I liked the fact that we got details, often the little things are overlooked, but in this we got to see what had gone on with them before and what had turned the tide for them both.

Emily and Chris go way back, they have a running almost love hate relationship that goes all the way back to when they were in school. But it doesn’t stay there… we are years down the line and they still have a chemistry that isn’t entirely sure which side of the fence it wants to settle on.

But Emily isn’t one to let things go, she can hold a grudge like a pro, honestly woman give it up!!!

So once we get caught up on the shenanigans of the past we get to see the here and now, they’re all grown up, both working – Chris has made it as a Motorcross rider and Emily, well she is in PR.

I had a feeling at this point that I knew where this was headed but I wasn’t exactly sure how the man that loved only one thing between his legs more than his bike… and that being a never ending stream of women was going to get her on his team?

So when his public persona needs a serious do over – there is only one woman up to the job and he will use every trick in the book to get her back on side.

Emily, well I liked her for the most part but I didn’t like the fact that she was prepared to hang on to the grudge that was eating away at her because to be honest I really don’t think she had a clue why she was still angry at him, heck it could have been one of a million different mistakes he made, or maybe it was eventually all just one big blur but she spent so long with the hump over what happened years ago, she was only hurting herself.

Chris on the other hand, I could have listened to him all day, he was so funny, be prepared to laugh out loud at him. I loved his honesty, the fact that he was willing to show Emily that he could change and that the only reason he was willing to change was for her, she meant that much too him.

But what neither of them could deny... at least not to themselves, was the fact that they still loved each other.

The banter between the two of them was hilarious at time, it was honest and I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of the story. I also enjoyed the chemistry that they shared, it was electrifying but the whole story was littered with twists and turns. Unexpected incidents and one moment on particular that will knock your socks off!!

Topic: Bastard by Coco Cadence

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