by CD Reiss

When I pick up a book from CD Reiss I always know that I am going to have the stuffing knocked right out of me, there are no half measures, no platitudes and very little opportunity to hide the ugly tears that drew disparaging looks from those around me in the staff kitchen as I battled through a story that I quite simply couldn’t put down.

Margie Drazen is a force of nature, a strong woman who was the heartbeat of the Drazen family, right up until that wasn’t what she wanted any more.

She has allowed herself to let love slip through her fingers but when it looks her in the eyes again, she finally accepts that she is ready to make a change and to have her happy ever after but in true CD Reiss style, it straightforward and will have a lasting effect on all the Drazen clan.

With a life time of secrets and a wealth of experience tucked safely away Margie has had enough of watching the others have what they desire when she has sacrificed her own wants and needs for what at times has been little thanks. But a soul can only take so much, and she has reached the end of the line and is ready to throw the family a curveball that they will have to get their heads around.

Of course, finding love isn’t easy and at times it was more emotional than I had anticipated, in fact it was absolutely gripping, I adore Margie and Drew they totally stole my heart, I felt so invested in them being happy I couldn’t bear the twists and turns that they had to overcome.

Keep a close eye on the family revelations in this one because I was blown away by the angst that was evident throughout the story, especially in relation to Declan and Johnathan …OMG.

It is often said that a story is an emotional rollercoaster and I hate a cliché, but nothing could sum this up any better, I was blown away by the emotions that the story drew from me.

An amazing book, CD Reiss at her fabulous best.


Topic: SACRED SINS by CD Reiss

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