Tequila and Lace by Kimberly Knight


This is Paul and Joss’s story and it is a short sharp read.

I liked the fact that characters didn’t hang around, they were keen to have their story told and the scenario that surrounded them meant that their story was one that I needed to hear.

The story was well put together and the characters were ones that were both eclectic and engaging.

I loved the fact that the author gave their whole story pride of place, that we not only got to see what was occupying them t the minute but also what had shaped them in the past, what had made them into the people they were today and what they were to each other – I loved that whole picture – it made them more relatable.

The relationship between the two of them and the connection as just so absorbing that I totally fell in love with the pair of them.

They story was funny, they were light-hearted but committed and their relationship was divine.

Joss had issues that were still lurking under the surface but this was matched by the fact that Paul was still baring the scars of a relationship that left him nursing a broken heart – it is never the case that two soul are destined to meet with a clean slate – all the best couples baggage. And they did grow into a super couple, they held nothing back and I thank them for that.

Over and above the awesomeness that is Paul and Joss what else is there in the book, well let me tell you that there is more going on this book that you could possibly imagine – it has a whole heap of angst and issues.

Separately they have issue that they have to face but together the things that make them sit up and take notice are far from trivial. This is the reason why I rate this book so highly – it is one that you just cannot put down, it refuses to take a back seat and you would be silly to expect it too.

I loved this book, it took me by the hand and refused to let go until it was ready. It opened my heart and mind to the troubles and tribulations that it wanted me to explore and I have to say I loved every minute.



Topic: Tequila and Lace by Kimberly Knight

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